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Project Stand Out Proud

When I first heard about Project Stand Out Proud from my friend Tsard Chua, I had no doubts about supporting it.

So, what is Project Stand Out Proud?

One of the things that Project Stand Out Proud is doing in order to spread their advocacy is the Project Stand Out Proud Pride Kit.

They are also organizing Prism: Manila Pride Party 2012 which will happen on June 30, 2012.

Homophobia is indeed a social disease that should be eradicated and I'm happy that Project Stand Out Proud is helping out in fighting for this cause.

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hey gelo whats their webby?

Hello there! As of now, they don't have a website. But, you can go to Tsard Chua's Facebook Page for more information:

okiedokie! i want to be part of this once i go home... thanx again!

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