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Save The Earth In Style With SM
If there's one advocate that I'm very proud to be supporting, it would be saving the Earth. I've always believed that I was Pocahontas in real life and saving Mother Nature is something I feel strongly about.

One of the things that I do in order to contribute to saving the Earth is to lessen my plastic usage. Plastic is one of the many causes of pollution and that is why we should avoid using them. One of the things that we can do in order to lessen our plastic usage is that we can use reusable eco bags while shopping instead of availing of the plastics that stores give out.

I can't count how many Eco Bags that I have because I really like collecting them and I always bring them with me whenever I go out--you'll never know when you might need it.

SM Supermalls recently came out with their own line of Eco Bags.

Flow. Renew. Breathe. Spark

These are the statements that SM Supermalls is sharing to everyone through its new line of reusable and environment friendly bags. These four simple philosophies are the main designs in the reusable bags and they intend to inspire a life change among our generation.

The hip, new bags can be purchased for just P35.00 in all SM Supermalls nationwide. The bag is made up of recyclable polypropylene material which is good for the environment. Just imagine all the plastic usage that could be lessened if everyone uses these bags.

I like how the bag is very durable and for only a small amount, you get a bag that could last for a long time! Also, it's big enough to fit your shopping purchases. So, instead of using plastic bags, you can use these instead! Also, you can use it beyond your trips to the mall and use it daily. You can tote them around the mall, at school or even when you go out with your friends on weekends! The designs are so chic and cute!

There are four designs to choose from that can suit anybody's personality and style. Also, you can customize your own Eco Bag by putting on pins, studs, ribbons, etcetera. So, there's really no excuse to use plastics anymore. An SM Supermalls Eco-Bag is waiting just for you.

In fact, my sisters and I are all using the SM Supermalls Eco-Bag!

Choco chose the Breathe bag and she uses it during her trainings.

Vanilla likes to read and she uses her Renew bag to store her school books and supplies.

Mocha is part of her school's dance troupe and she uses her Flow bag during her trainings as well.

As a stylist, my Spark bag is very handy in keeping all my essentials in one place.

You too should get your own SM Supermalls Eco Bag and be part of the change.

For more information you can visit the SM Supermalls Eco Bag official Facebook Page at You can get more updates and tips on how to take care of our environment. Also, you can even win prizes if you join their monthly contests!

Remember, you can support a good cause in a fabulous way.

Saving the Earth is definitely one trend that should never go out of style.


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oh i think i see something! hehehe ;-)

that's right! i used the geometric brooch that you made to spruce up my bag which shows how easy it is to customize your own SM Supermalls Eco bag to let your personality shine! get your own now!

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