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Love At First Shop
 Today, just for fun, I decided that I wanted to to go to Quiapo. I've only been to Quiapo once but that was such a long time ago--I can't even remember it clearly. 

I went there again today as a person with a mission: to hunt down those Cyclops shades I've been wanting ever since.

Thank goodness it wasn't Friday (read: Quiapo day) so the place was relatively empty.

After walking around for a while, I finally found the shades I was looking for! I felt a sudden jolt of joy.

Being the self-confessed eyewear addict that I am, I got all colors except brown because I'm not a brown person. The extra pair is for my friend Mike Magallanes.

I walked around some more and bought these toys for a little DIY experiment. I'm going back to get more Rubik's Cubes.

There's a building there at Quiapo that I will now dub as "Shades Heaven". Too bad the guard stopped me from taking pictures. Even in Quiapo, I get reprimanded. I'll try to sneak in a photo next time. I got these really cute oversized glasses. Perfect addition to my collection. I'm going back for the other colors. *tee-hee*

After buying all the items, I went back to the LRT Station and went to school with a smile on my face.

I am now adding Quiapo as an addition to my Shopping Meccas. I so love it there!! I know, it's a late discovery, but better late than never! There's really a lot of treasure that you can find. I didn't have enough cash with me today so I wasn't able to get the other things that I liked. I am so going back next time.

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lovette! san to exactly? malapit ba sa isetan?

yez teh! malapit sa isetan! :)

careful ka lang sa quiapo k? It's really dangerous there. I go there a lot to buy lens, and camera stuff, but I never bring out my camera because of the horror stories.

omigosh! it was my first time awhileago and i was just lucky...hmm, i won't bring out my camera na nga next time..especially, magisa lang ako..thanks for the tips!


ima hoard those chunky rings pag andun ako! wen next mo pnta! sama! heeheh

Re: wow


yez, karl, madaming chunky rings! yung stud ko na ring, 50 lang dun! grabe!! field trip tayo soon! haha...

funky shades

just like to ask san po ung exact location, need to buy those kind of shades. thanks

when you go down at carriedo station, the building at the right...

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