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lovette! san to exactly? malapit ba sa isetan?

yez teh! malapit sa isetan! :)

careful ka lang sa quiapo k? It's really dangerous there. I go there a lot to buy lens, and camera stuff, but I never bring out my camera because of the horror stories.

omigosh! it was my first time awhileago and i was just lucky...hmm, i won't bring out my camera na nga next time..especially, magisa lang ako..thanks for the tips!


ima hoard those chunky rings pag andun ako! wen next mo pnta! sama! heeheh

Re: wow


yez, karl, madaming chunky rings! yung stud ko na ring, 50 lang dun! grabe!! field trip tayo soon! haha...

funky shades

just like to ask san po ung exact location, need to buy those kind of shades. thanks

when you go down at carriedo station, the building at the right...

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