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Get In Bloggers United 4 For Free!!

Bloggers United 4 is just one week away and I'm sure most of you are excited!

I have some good news! I'm giving you, my fabulous readers, a chance to get in Bloggers United 4 for free!

It's very simple!

All you gotta do is follow these steps:

1) Follow World Bazaar Festival on Twitter.

2) Like Worldbex Services International on Facebook .

3) Tweet "Hey @fabgelous! I wanna go to #BU4 at the #WorldBazaarFestival because (insert answer here)"

The FIRST 10 people to Tweet me before Sunday night will get to go to Bloggers United 4 for free!!

So, what are you waiting for? Tweet away!

Bloggers United is in partnership with:
World Bazaar Festival

Official Sponsors & Media Partners:
Status Magazine
When in Manila
Orange Magazine TV
Madhouse Manila 

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